Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Dance

Alright, my husband already beat me to putting this on his blog but I'm going to go ahead and post it.

In church this morning, we viewed a dramatic interpretation. I'm usually not much for these as I feel that it's pretty impossible to humanly "act out" the gospel in an adequate and appropriate way but this...I fell in love with.

I've always described myself as the girl nobody ever really asked to dance. It used to bother me to be "average". Who am I kidding? It REALLY bothered me to be average! Sadly, that drove me to make some selfish decisions in my life and hurt many people.

I've met many women like me since then...girls who want to feel "value". They seek it in places they don't belong and in people who cannot fulfill. They look for it in a new dress or a better size on the scale. More money, more security, more safety-more. All of these things that promise to bring your life worth only end up making you feel more worthless. The vastness deep inside of us...only gets emptier. It is a dark place to live even if you find ways to "manage" it for a while. It leaves you contemplating permanent escape.

Women, wonderfully created in God's image and desperately longing for the "dance".

I'm okay being who I am today. While I'm average and faulty and not so good at any one thing-I'm the choice select of my God. I'm His prize. I'm beautiful to fact, I'm perfect in His sight. He fills that vastness in me and cleans me off to give me true worth.

He's my dance partner.

Please take a second to watch this video. I feel it is me that it is portraying. I couldn't keep the tears from coming as I watched it. If you feel He's rescued you-You'll cry too!


Mr. Harmless said...

dang. I cried again.

brittany powell said...

Thanks for sharing that, Charity. I cried too. As Matt said...dang!

Lori said...

Good to know it wasn't just post-partum hormones that made it hard to keep back the sobs as I watched this yesterday!

Steph said...

I'm not sure I am ready for this video - I checked out the comments and it seems to be rather emotional. Would you stop saying you are average!!! NO YOU AREN'T! You dress and do your hair FAR better than the average 33 year old. I am not being trite either - I thought that just the other day while driving in my car...(I think strange things in my car...)
I've got my neck out and leave the couch and hotpad only to come check my dearest pal's blog...aren't I sweet!? :P

Charity said...

Well..Lori, Matt is having a bit of a hormonal time right now but NO, I don't think it was just that! :)

Steph...will you stop it? It's fine. I've been aware of my fight to not look so average for some time and accepting it is such a relief! Don't take it away from me! :) Two rather humiliating intellectual encounters last week and one good, honest stride in front of a store window has officially set the record straight!

Oh Brother!
(I tried to call you and picking up the phone by your head is much easier than reading a blog!)

Anonymous said...

If He's rescued you-You'll cry too
You were right. At first I was all - this is ok but no crying then the end got me! You know I've been rescued Big Time! Thanks Jesus and thanks for posting it. Love ya, Julie