Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well..We're back home from our trip..home. That is so confusing?

We had a good trip and got to visit lots of people but as always there were many more that I would have loved to have seen and spent time with.

So, I thought I would do a top twenty list of things I discovered about going home. I hope you all enjoy it! It will take a few days of posting but bear with me. It should be fun.

Thanks to everyone who housed, fed, shopped with and endured me and my family! We really appreciate it!

I can't wait until my annual end of October visit! I can already smell the food at the Covered Bridge Festival!


Setrn said...

That stuff you eat at the covered Bridge doesn't make you sick (I have seen you eat there) but the car ride does??? At least you were in air conditioning. I must admit, I am sweating a bit about what you might write. Glad you all made it home ok. San

Charity said...

Did you do something that you might not want me to write about? Hmmm...

Oh, I am going to and there will be pictures! HA!

Just factor in that you're really the only person that reads this blog so it's okay! Good GrieF!

Manda said...

Just because some of us don't make very many comments doesn't mean we are not reading! :) Glad you made it home safe! It was great seeing you again! I'm looking forward to our "all nighter" before the covered bridge!

Setrn said...

OK girls, can we arrange for that all nighter a bit sooner???? Needing it...needing it..San

Charity said...

I'm on my way, sweet friend.

Hold on.