Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What I discovered when I went home-#19

Books on CD are good. You can rent them from the library or directly from a gas station. One may be more expensive than the other unless you have run up a $30.00 library fee for not returning magazines.

(Shameful...I know.)

My latest enjoyment-Clive Cussler. He wrote the book that became the movie "Sahara".

I've found that I get a kick out of Cussler's type of adventure.

Something exciting is always happening in places like Siberia and frequently he pens phrases about mysterious, leading men that are "effortlessly kayaking with their tan, brawny arms."

There is always a world catastrophe and some deep sea discovery that is leading to a tsunami created by a terrorist with some magnets...It cracks me up.

My favorite part is that there always a smart, beautiful girl that gets saving and in the end they are sipping Margaritas on some beach...I LOVE IT!

I'm unapologetic about how much I don't like fictional novels but these amuse me and on a long trip-that's all that really matters!

Don't worry, though! Now that I'm on still ground, I'm back to my favorite poets and English authors! AHHH!

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