Monday, August 07, 2006

Ready, Set...and Party!

Well, we've officially launched "birthday month".

It is unbelievable how many of our family's birthdays are in the month of August. It's almost as or more expensive than Christmas.

They run as follows:

5th-Dad H

Thanksgiving is apparently the most "loving holiday" for some of us! : )
...or maybe just the most boring!

Regardless, we have just returned from sweet Eve's 3rd birthday party and we'll treat Steve tomorrow night.

BIG PLANS are in the works for Sam's 8th birthday this week! Invitations have been written and we will assemble Friday night for his first friend birthday pool party. Of course, all my friends will be there too because there are buckets of special Aunts and Uncles that love Sam and want to celebrate with him but I know he will be totally focused on his little buddies that are splashing around with him!

It is so strange and sort of sad to think that Sam will actually be turning eight! Where has the time gone? I look in the mirror and I see clear evidence that I could be the mother of an eight year old but in my heart, I still feel like that 24 year old that carried around a little baby boy on her hip.

I can't do that me!

You puzzles me...we can put a man on the moon but we haven't figured out how to keep a boy little! Someone explain that to me!


Setrn said...

Happy birthday Sam!! Oh, and I feel SO blessed to have made the list! You guys are traveling all the way here just to see me turn 28. (or is it 32??)

LoVe said...

Happy birthday sam!!!
i miss ya'll so much!
charity i love your blog