Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What I discovered when I went home-#17

My parents keep trading in one cat for another much like people would do with their cars.

Except it's their pet.

I'm disturbed by this and yet very thankful that it's not a tactic that they have incorporated with their children.

I feel we are all missing at least some small important part of our emotional well-being but in general, most people love their pets for the existence of their lives until they die and then they bury it in the back yard. Usually, it takes a few months or years for them to replace it even then. Especially cat lovers!

Not my mom and dad.

*Occassion for new pet- When one that is cuter or younger comes along.

(Again...there are some fundamental concerns that arise with that philosophy!)

Regardless, this is their new hairless cat, "Baby".

Despite what many of you might think, she is strinkingly beautiful for her breed (a brilliant blue that my camera doesn't do justice to) and she makes me want to get another one of my own.

She loves to get a bath and waits patiently in the sink for my dad to walk and get her a towel.

Watch out, Baby!


Anonymous said...

UGLY! Scary alien cat! Never can you make fun of my adorable guineas again!

night-rider said...

I think the cat is gorgeous but your parents' pet owning philosophy is kinda scary and alien. I once knew a woman whose cat had kittens, whereupon she decided to dump the mother cat and 5 kittens in bushland and keep the prettiest of the kittens. Sometimes it is very difficult to relate to other people's priorities and philosophy.