Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My charmed boy...

Sam went to an amusement park a year ago and as dark clouds loomed overhead, he made his way in and around the giant roller coaster rides with no lines. He was able to ride each ride in the front car over and over again until he was too dizzy to descend the steps to the next impending thrill!

I remember before we flipped upside down on the last coaster, I leaned over and yelled at him, "Don't ever forget this day, Sam!...It will probably never happen again!"

It was as though they opened the park just for him.

Well, his 8th birthday last week followed right in order as the rain clouds were held at bay and after digging into cake and a bunch of presents, my friend Anne directed us to her neighborhood pool where Sam and his 8 friends (along with some crazy adults) dove into an olympic size pool which was opened to what seemed like just for Sam.

I won't go into the ins and outs of how it all came about but we had a ball, swimming for several hours in a huge pool without law or accountability.

Even I, adorned a suit and snuck onto the diving board.

I was mocked severely afterwards.

(Big Shock)

Here are some pics of the night! If you're not related or friends with Sam yet, you should be! The best stuff happens to him!

Sam and Austin

The big moment

Thanks (I guess) to my sweet brother-in-law..there will now be evidence that I was actually at the party! This picture cracks me up because as some of you know that are closest to me-This is Charity smiling but actually looking quite frantic as she attempts to make everything perfect! Geesh! I am WAY MORE transparent than I even realize!

Half of the pool!

Anne and Josiah...Thanks, Anne! We had a great time!

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