Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What I discovered when I went home-#20

This trip home I discovered that despite the fact that I have traveled happily (well, relatively happily as I hate to be in the car for more than 15 minutes), I now at age 32 get bad car sickness!

I can't figure it out? It's fooled me into thinking it was a number of other things in the past but I feel it's academic now...I get car sickness.

It could be that before two years ago, I never traveled too much and now I periodically do a 12 hour drive but whatever the case, I barely get two hours down the road and I am ready to throw up.

And shut up if you think I can join in with everyone else that is happily passing the time watching a movie! NO WAY! I can try it from the back seat but inevitably, I will finish it sicker than a dog!

Oh the misery!

I did find last night as I was suffering at my wits end and ready to cry, if I put Kelly Clarkson in my CD player and sang loudly to myself one of her many angry songs then it really seemed to help.


A grueling three mile run AND car sickness. Seems our former American Idol is truly worth a vote!

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