Friday, August 11, 2006

Rain, Rain...Go away!

Well...Sam had a great birthday yesterday (thanks for all the cards and calls...they were so sweet) and I will be sure to post pics as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, I'm running around town like a mad woman trying to pull together all the details for his pool party (while a thunder storm looms overhead) and attempting to pack for a trip home.

Birthdays and road trips are oh so much fun for the mom. AH!

The back-up plan for tonight is Anne's-who has a bigger house than mine and the patience of a saint to take on 10 kids and their parents!

Regardless, we will sing and eat and open presents and isn't that really what birthdays are all about?

(Most of you that have been around for one of my gatherings know that I am usually completely stressed trying to attempt perfection for the one I love but I must say..internally, I'm doing the "home dance" all day long! YEAH! I'm almost there, girls! Get ready to party!)

Check the pics out here...they are so sweet!

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night-rider said...

Hey, happy birthday to Sam! You have a good trip home now, stay safe and have a great time