Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Calvin and Hobbes comes to our House

Sam has been asking for a year now for us to decorate his room.

He and Jo have inherited their Dad's love of the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes". Matt has every cartoon book created and the boys love to sit around and look at them. They'll do it for hours! (It puzzles me...)

So, naturally, we are doing a C&H room. We yanked up the carpet and Matt is doing a mural on their wall that will be completed with an actual swing hanging from the tree in the picture. We also have little tiger prints that will be all over the room. I think it will be really cute.

Here it is in stages so far...

Stage One:

Stage Two:

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Steph said...

Like it! Can't wait to see it.

Vid's said...

This is fantastic O_o