Monday, August 13, 2007

A Perfect Afternoon

Chips, Mountain Dew, A good book, Spider Solitaire, shows and my best friend.

What more can you ask for?

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Lori said...

I'm sorry, but the thing that I am trying to figure out is Charity, what are you wearing?! Is it a big striped onesie or a 2 piece short and shirt set? As you can tell, the baby is sleeping and the kids are somewhere outside and this is how I am spending my time- analyzing your clothes- it's pretty sad I know...Alright, it looks like you are living the life- enjoy the rest of your time! Cya

Steph said...

That was some good times! I am already missing tv time with the chips, Mt. Dew, and comfy chilling out room...*sigh*

Charity said...

Okay...Lori-it's a drop-waiste dress from Old Navy. I got it a while ago and it is MAJOR comfortable when i have to drive around in my hot van!