Friday, August 10, 2007

Party Day

Well...the partying has commenced.

Sam came and jumped on my bed this morning to alert me that he had found the kitchen decorated while he slept. This is a tradition of mine every year and it always cracks me up that he FULLY EXPECTS to find it that way and still he seems legitimately surprised on his birthday morning.

It's totally worth waiting for him to force himself to go to sleep. (He comes up with a gazillion reasons to get up and take a peek!)

The special friend, Austin has arrived for the sleep-over and they tore into toys about a nanosecond after they came in the door. We'll eat a special birthday dinner and then it's off to the movies!

Sam and Austin are HUGE Harry Potter fans so they are going to see that with the other boys in the house and I am settling them in and then running across the building to see "Becoming Jane". YEAH! I haven't seen a movie by myself in a long time and while it has its perks and disadvantages...I couldn't find anyone to see it with me. Thus...I'm a loner on this one.

I'm sure I'll write again soon although tomorrow is a mad dash to get the house ready for Steph to arrive.

Then...Party #2

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