Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sister Revenge!

I need to send a personal "thank you" to my sister, Jeannie...who ignored the fact that I don't want my kid to come down with some disgusting virus and went on to send Sam gift cards to Chuckie Cheese for his birthday!

I hate that place!!!!

Sam, on the other hand, has deemed Jeannie his favorite Aunt and the one who clearly has her finger on the pulse of every nine year old's dream birthday destination!

I will have to say that I am thankful for the gesture. My hospital bills came this week and this is an answer to prayer in regards to the ability to take him somewhere fun when we could not afford it right now. I guess it's really God that has it out for me! :)

From Sam:

"Thank you, Aunt Jeannie, so, so, soooo much! (He just said that if you were standing here, he would give you a BIG hug and a BIG kiss!) Now I get to go to Chuckie Cheeses! I miss you very much! I love you, Sam"


Anonymous said...

Wish we could come with you. We LOVE Chucky E Cheese :-) Julie http://coupons.chuckecheese.com/flight1/index.php?Referrer=YAH&Subreferrer=1

Steph said...

Can't say I blame you on the Chuck E. Cheese feelings... although we've been there twice this summer. (And the nearest one is an hour an a half away!)