Saturday, August 04, 2007

Good Genetics

On my trip home this past month, I spent a good bit of time with my sister and my Grandmother collecting older pictures that I could copy and take home. (Thanks, Steph for hanging with me as long as you could while I took on the venture at Wal-Mart!)

These are now some of my most beloved possessions. My kitchen is decorated in antique items and toys from generations past and now these are framed along side those things. I love it.

I have to say...both of my Grandfathers were very suave. I was cracking up at how "cool" they both looked. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to inherit that gene with all of my clumsy dorkiness but I can at least be proud it's SOMEWHERE in the family!

(For those who care..."L" grandparents are my dad's parents and "H" are my mom's)

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