Monday, August 06, 2007

Sam #2-An Interview with an 8 year old

When Sam was a baby, we lived far away from family and I used to send these types of pictures home to manipulate my mom and dad into coming for a visit! It worked every time!

Sam did this "scrunchy nose" for a good while when he was little! It was so cute..

Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Toy: Bionicles
Favorite Day of the Week: Monday..because it seems like a fresh, new, cozy day.
Favorite Cartoon: Sponge Bob
Favorite Show: "Universe" and "Man vs. Wild"
Favorite Dinner Food: Pancakes
Favorite Desert: Pumpkin Pie
Best Friend: Josiah and Austin
Why? Jo is my brother and there are too many reasons why!
Austin is very nice and very kind.
Favorite School Subject: Science
Least Favorite School Subject: Writing and Math
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: Play with Daddy
Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day because Mom makes a party at our house and Halloween because I like to dress up!
And Christmas Eve.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach
What I want to Be When I Grow Up: A Christian Scientist that tells everyone that the Bible is true.
What do you think about girls?: (loud ugh noise)
What do you think about God?: He's the best ever! He made everything and that is cool.
What's the best thing about turning 9?: I'll be one year older and I'm getting closer to 10!
What adult thing so you wish you could do as a 9 year old?: I could play computer games more.
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Anonymous said...

LOVE Sam week!!! The pictures and interview are GREAT! Love and miss ya, Julie

Steph said...

Must we keep posting ugly pictures of Aunt Steph on this blog!?!
But cute pictures of little Sam man!