Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mass Clean-Up

I don't usually post any "mommy tips" because I'm figuring there's nothing new under the sun but I was watching my boys tonight and was amazed how much this little activity helps not only them but ME!

I call it "Mass Clean-up". I've been nurturing both boys for the last year or so with odd jobs that they can do at their age and then the last couple of months I'll occasionally yell "MASS CLEAN-UP!!" and they spring into action.

I've starting really pressing this lately because I'm going back to work full-time in September and won't have all day to take my time to clean up the house. I know that if we all race through will take little time at all!

Here are some of their jobs:

Jo (age 5)- picks up all shoes and takes them to the right room, Picks up toys. Grabs a dust rag and sprays a little dust cleaner on it and dusts the coffee table and tv and computer desk.

Sam (age 8)- Picks up toys. Gets the vacuum set up and plugged in for me in the living room. Sometimes goes ahead and vacuums if I'm behind. Puts everything away in the bathroom and then takes a Clorox wipe and wipes down the sink and the toilet.

I load the dish washer of any dishes sitting out and wipe down the kitchen...vacuum and sweep and straighten the furniture and computer desk.

In the looks great in like 15 minutes or less!

I encourage you to start training your kids to help out early. They really like it and they understand that when it's done, it leaves more time for me to do fun things with them!

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Sandy said...

I actually have observed this in really works..a good reminder for me cause my house could use a "mass cleanup!"