Thursday, August 09, 2007

Exhaustion Wins

I had all these big blog plans for these couple of days before Sam's birthday but after running, shopping, decorating, planning, cleaning and painting...I'm just too tired!

All of that and he's not really having a big party. Just one friend, a movie and sleep-over and Wal-Mart cupcakes! So, what's my deal?

Regardless, I love my little Sam and tomorrow is his day!

Samuel is proof that really great things can happen to an average, ordinary girl.

He makes me special.

Happy Birthday, Sambo!


Sandy said...

oh, Char..Sam is a one of a kind..I can remember us coming up to visit him for the first time like it was yesterday..but it isn't him that makes you special! There has never been another Charity Suzette Lathrop Harmless, and there never will, my friend are an original, and VERY special! But you did good, Mom, and you are continuing to do good! Love you and miss you

Steph said...

Happy happy birthday Sam! I hope you have a wonderful day. (Good luck mom with Chuck's place)
Sweet post - I agree that there are a billion things that make you special - but very sweet post.