Friday, August 03, 2007

Hard-Headed..thank goodness!

I'm loathe to post about this because of a statement that I continually hear...
The strangest things ALWAYS happen to you!"

It is so embarrassing but true. From needles to the public announcements of deadly infections-I hardly go a month without some sort of strange occurrence that I can tell people to amuse them!

I'm accepting it...

So, I had a run in with a 2x4 board this past Tuesday and frankly, the board won!

We have recently been remodelling our boy's room and our garage and so the garage has become a hodge-podge of boards, junk, old furniture, rolled up carpet, etc.

I went into the garage to try to retrieve my son's scooter for a walk that we were going to take. I was in a bit of a rush and so I bull-dozed through the piles of junk and yanked our futon bed away from the scooter in an attempt to reach it. What I didn't realize is that a large heavy board had been propped up on the bed.

Without much warning the board fell from high up and cracked me on top of the head!

I can only remember bits and pieces of the next few minutes and hours. I have a memory of looking up and taking the board off of me. Then I remember being in my bathroom looking in the mirror. I won't be descriptive (because of Steph) but head wounds bleed bad!

I had pulled my hair up to go for the walk and had taken a clip to get my bangs out of my eyes and that was what cut me.

I guessed that I would need a little help since I couldn't figure out what happened really and I couldn't get the bleeding to stop.

So, I wrapped my head in a towel and staggered across the street to my neighbor's house. She is a retired nurse and I though, in the least, that she would be able to handle the blood and not be sick or afraid! (Quite the opposite of what I would be should a bloody neighbor show up at my door!)

She came out and...well, she gasped at me because it was a bad sight and then sat me down to run in and get more towels. I could feel that I was potentially going to be sick or too dozy to sit up but I let her clean me up a bit and determine where the cut was and if I needed stitches.

Bigger health insurance at this time!

I wasn't too keen for an ambulance or stitches or doctor's visit of ANY kind. Trust me...I can be pretty sick and still muster a stubbornness about my money and health care! My mom still laughs that while I was coming out of surgery with my nose..completely out of it...I still refused to take ANYTHING for comfort or pain that might cost more!

We determined that I could get the bleeding to stop. By this time I was laying down on the front porch. I convinced her to walk me home and that I was fine.

I knew I was dizzy....or was my vision blurry...OH NO...going to be sick!!

Regardless, I kept up my mantra.."I'll be fine...really, I just need to lay down."

She told me later when I went to thank her for her help that while she was pretty cool about the blood what really bothered her was that as she was attempting to find all the cuts-My hair kept coming out in her hands! AHHH!

I called my mom and she and my neighbor agreed that if I would let her check on me and my mom call me every hour that I could weather it out at home until Matt got there. The command was very clear.."DO NOT GO TO SLEEP!"

Yeah..okay..I took my allergy medicine before I got clobbered in the head.

I was sleepy...

But, at four o'clock when Matt rushed in, I was still on the couch in my tennis shoes and bloody clothes and hair...eyes the size of half dollars in my desperation to not go into a comma!

It was then that I started to cry.

About what? I don't know...the massive headache that I had...the fact that we don't have favorite shirt was ruined? You name it-I cried about it!

I think it was the stress of being by myself which is silly but at the time it seemed really lonely at my house! I know I could have called for help and a couple of my friends heard and offered to come by but I really wasn't sure of how much it hurt until I turned everyone away.

It hurts to get smacked by a board. I understand why it's used as a defensive mechanism in many scary movies!

So, a couple of days later, I'm totally fine. Headache is gone and my head is a little bald and scabby.

The mocking has begun as expected. Thank you to everyone who's been clever enough to come up with some clippy saying about me being able to "take a hit" or the relief that I'm so hard-headed!

You guys are SOOO hilarious.

Oh well...I'm nothing if I'm not having some crazy thing happen to me to be able to tell people, right?


Steph said...

Yucky Yucky - I am not going to taunt you at all! Just sorry it happened (and VERY selfishly, glad it didn't happen while I was there. So sorry to admit that, but just READING the story gives me icky not cut out to be a nurse, medic, or anything of the sort!)

Sandy said...

just for the is ok to go to just have to be "wakeupable" if that is a word! Just for future reference is all! I heard about this from Steph, but an interesting read non-the-less!