Friday, August 31, 2007

One Thing Leads To Another's official...

This is my last day as a full-time, stay-at-home mom.


I have spent this week primarily at home but also running back and forth to the school for inservice duties.

Come Tuesday morning, I will make my first trip to work as a librarian/afternoon Kindergarten person.

I feel I've already transitioned into "working Mom" as I came home today from the school and noticed a very foul smell in my house that could only mean that something has decided to rot or die in my absence and while totally revolting...I needed to plop on the couch for a few minutes before dealing with it because I was so worn out!

Ah, more extra time for OCD!

I also realized that this is the last day for any of my mom friends to call and chat with me during the work hours! Sad...I can't get ahold of any of them to commemorate the revelation.

This was also my last day to go be with my neighbor Sanford which is very sad all by itself. Sanford turns 100 in another month and I'll miss seeing him and his wife on a regular basis.

BUT...I've had a few weeks to really ask God to help me handle this transition with a little more grace than I usually respond to things. This whole life change has been much harder for me than I expected. I can't believe BOTH of my boys will be in school all day. It feels more like a blow because we have been homeschooling and I've had them both home all day these past few years.

It just seems like the end of a very significant part of my life, but I know...One thing leads to another.

God has ordained this change in my life and directed us to a new place. I have a job to do and it is my choice to gently accept that even if I do not understand it or it seems to leave behind something else.

I'm blessed to be able to continue to be with my kids at their school and for them to know that both mom AND dad are available when they need us. I love the people that I'm working with and after some time shaking hands and meeting students today, I know I will love the kids also.

God has taught me lately that living by faith is not looking at what God is doing but meditating on and accepting who He is. I will not always be able to understand His ways but I know that His doings cannot contradict with His heart. He is good all the time and He only does what is good for His children.

So...from one good thing to another-I await with joy for what I will learn from this new phase!

(and then I sneak to the bathroom to cry a bit!)


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Steph said...

It is always scary and hard to make a change. Clearly I am the queen of terrible adjustments - and then I usually end up loving the new place I am in. I am confident that you will too.
The school atmosphere is addictive and you are too much like me not to get caught up in the festivities of the school year! But, I understand that for today - "that place" is kinda the enemy...funny how things we end up loving start out like that!
Enjoy your Monday - see you still have one more day to sleep in and enjoy!