Friday, May 04, 2007

O'my goodness!

Today I met a few of my good friends for lunch with our kids at O'Charlie's. We did this in the attempt to find some time to chat but also because the kids eat free!

They definitely lost money on us today!

It was only a little crazy at the end so over-all I think that is a success.

I'm adding this picture of my friend Amy for Steph. Amy and I both showed up with our cameras and were laughing because I was planning to take a picture to show that she just cut her hair like mine. (Just for the record...I cut my hair like hers USED to be but I'm going to take the credit now!) Everyone says that we look alike (which is a definite compliment to me because she's a beaut). My best friend, Stephanie, has a theory that I find people that look like me everywhere we move and become their friend. I'm stuck on Watertown but other than's true! Weird.

This is a picture of my new friend, Melissa. I was asked last fall to participate on a panel for a ladies conference and I went alone with no one to room with. Through some other circumstances, she and I ended in the same hotel room. She was super nice and made the mistake of asking me "What brought you to the South?" (I hate that question!) and we talked to the wee hours of the morning. She had just moved from Springfield, that REALLY freaked me out! My sister is from there and so I know my way around pretty well and we compared notes on all the interesting places to go. Small world!

Of good friend Kim (Sam's piano teacher)-Kim and I have alot in common right now so that makes hanging out easy.

I seem to rotate about every three months or so struggling not feeling really down that we are so far away from our family and old friends. It's hard to be the new one all the time and to watch people interact and take vacations with others they've known for years and years. God has been gracious to me this week to not kick my butt for feeling sorry for myself but reminding me through certain events that He has new people all over the place that are what I need for that time in my life. AND...that there are many lonely women just like me that are much newer than I am that want friendship.

Well...I'm off to school Sam and JoJo..some more of my best buddies!

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