Monday, May 07, 2007


I discovered recently that I, in fact, already own a perfectly great scanner!


Watch out!

So, I lovingly dedicate my first scan to my best friend, Steph. First, I owe her this since she was so willingly vulnerable on her own blog and secondly, because she and I have been encouraging each other through a "mid-life" crisis of our own.

I can hardly look at this pic without busting up into laughter! The memories of this day flood back so suddenly, I can barely keep up.

Don't tee-tee when you see this, Steph!

Love you!

(Let me reassure you that I am NOT on drugs in this photo! My red eyes are the result of many, MANY hairspray mists to the face and a few minutes of crying over what was worse teased hair than what you are actually viewing in this photo. I actually tamed it down a bit! Wow...)


Steph said...

Ha! Although I've got to say - I still think yours look WAY better than mine! I appreciate the moxie it took to post that picture! :)

Charity said...

Hey...good word!

Anything for you, babe!

Sandy said...

didn't I see you in the ER last week with the cop in the handcuffs??

Charity said...

Careful now. missy...