Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soccer Mom

Well, I'm officially a "soccer mom".

Please do not be fooled...I am not yet completely committed. First, there is my utter ignorance of the today, when I bought the wrong kind of cleats?! Some for turf...some for grass...WHAT THE HECK?!?

And, I could really miss going for just about anything. Too hot...too cold..we need milk..

BUT, I am determined to help Sam be dedicated to his choice and even today we braved the rain and cold so he could play in his game. Matt is working a second job so it was just me and JoJo cheering but that's okay.

Cheering...I understand that!

Sam is loving it and I will say that he isn't terrible. Although, who can know for sure? I mean the entire game the whole team moves in one cluster together all over the field kicking and often just chatting about their days! Today I caught sight of one of the boys doing a cartwheel off in the corner.

I clapped loud...

It was a really good cartwheel.

We did have our first bad sportsmanship moment, though.

Sam's goalie for his team missed a ball and then sadly, (I was feeling really bad for him and his mom) missed another one. I looked over and saw my son marching down the field towards him and yelling, "Hey Man! You need to get in some practice!"

I said to myself, "Alrighty begins."

I was horrified and wanted to yank him off the field but I kept control and smiled my way to the car where I began to lecture him for ten straight minutes!

I will say in his defense that Sam is really a naive little boy and doesn't get that people can get their feelings hurt. Sam is not one you can ruffle easily and many of the mean things other boys do to him goes right over his head so he tends to relate to others with that same blindness.

His deflection of rejection is good for me, his mother, but bad for other little kids that come in contact with his "no nonsense" mentality.

For instance...I didn't realize that I should get him shin guards and the big socks and cleats the first night. It's a small league and frankly...the ignorance. When we pulled up and I saw all 200 boys dressed appropriately to play, I was internally freaking out! "He'll get made fun of or looked at weird!", kept circling round my mind. I actually counted how many boys came without necessary items and afterwards asked Sam if he cared.

He said, "Um..No Mom! *patronizing eight year old tone* There was like two other kids that didn't have them! Geesh!"

I must be such an embarrassing mother! Oh, how I do go one about such silly things?!?

Sam goes back to traditional school next year and it's going to kill me...literally.

Sam will be fine...

I will be 13 all over again.


Your big brother Ed said...

Soccer will be great for you all! We grew to love the game and I miss the kid's. Whatever you do make sure he learns to dribble the ball. Send me an email and I will send a link for drills!

And about the equipment, dont' worry about not having it all the first night. It is unusual that everybody has everything even after the first two or three practices.

Have fun!

Steph said...

Okay, first I can totally relate. As I was trying to figure out what to buy for Elijah, I actually asked the sales man at the sports store if little boys needed those "strappy things" (I sure hope you get what I mean here, I don't want to type it out). He laughed and said he didn't think they needed them at that age...Hey, just thinking about the grandchildren someday!
Also, I know what you mean about watching the kids interact. There is a certain boy (no reader will know him) that loves to tear Elijah down. Elijah is so thrilled to play with this boy, he seems to take all the negative words. As his mother, I want to send this boy packing and tell him he isn't so hot...BUT I keep telling myself he is six! :)
I love the pictures of Sam - I'm proud of him (and you) for such a big commitment!

Charity said...

Thanks for the tip, brother...I'll be waiting for the drill. (Confusion...I thought "dribbling" was basketball??? Wha-huh?)

I may just send him up to you for Uncle Ed's soccer camp. It could be a no-win situation down here!

Um, Steph...I'm a little unclear on the "strappy things"?

(Just kidding!)

I guess those are the sports attire that you DON'T borrow from a friend when they stop using it, right???