Monday, May 07, 2007

We Are Family

It all begins here...At least for me.

I'm the baby with the stickem' up hair that I genetically passed down to my own little ones.

Me at Christmas. I've always thought that I was a pretty homely little girl and maybe this pic just caught me in the right light...But I think I was kind of cute!?

Me and Trav. This is hilarious. While I think my sneakers are pretty hot, I am concerned about what motivated me to wear shorts that were so uncomfortably high! I actually can remember this picture being taken and was impressed with myself on how tan I was!


Steph said...

Your facial expression says it all in the last picture of you and Trav - "I'm to cool!" You know you were thinking it!

Charity said...

It does amuse me a little to see my sassy personality come out even at that age...