Friday, May 25, 2007



Today I went to a surgery center to do Pre-Ops. This is when you go in and answer a series of questions to save time on surgery day and to be sure that you are still eligible for the procedures needed.

So far so good.

It was fairly painless even with the blood that they had to take.

Living Will was addressed yet again and I was informed that if I trust my spouse, it is actually better not to have one. Apparently in some cases they won't resuscitate you on a 911 call if the living will is produced? Wha-huh??

The nurse then wrote down all my procedures for my verification and signature..looked at me with as much sympathy as a nurse can muster when she's stressed and has 400 more patients to see that day and said...

"This is going to hurt."



I then had to sign a paper about being willing to accept a blood transfusion and informed that this particular surgery can cause you to bleed out.

Who would like to make a bet that I WILL definitely have to have a blood transfusion?

She reminded me that it would be better to get bad blood than to die immediately but somehow I feel I need to think about that?

I tried to reassure myself that I could get someone I love to donate their blood in case of need but then it hit me that...I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR BLOOD!!

(I think I'm connected to a risky crowd of peeps!)

But, I love ya' anyway!


Steph said...

I may have to ban your blog for the duration of this theme. Not that it isn't highly interesting, but Steph can't take all the "b talk". So, lack of comments doesn't mean lack of love. With you in spirit!
PS-Everybody needs a good transfusion or so... I'll go first! (Oh wait, I did - see no sweat!)

Charity said...

HEY...when did blood become the issue???

I was sure if I didn't talk about "P" that you would enjoy my surgery antics?

And , of course, I WON'T talk about "P"!

So sad...if you don't read then half of my readers are gone!


Anonymous said...

Jeff wanted me to tell you to write "Not Penny's boat" on your hand before you go into surgery. He's a real funny guy :-) Julie

Sandy said...

oh, you do make me laugh, even at 1 am! I sure wish I could be there for you. I think that you need to write a book. You make everyday things seen hysterical! I am sure that I had that same "nurse" look about 400 times today! And I am right back to it for the next two days. Are you saying you wouldn't want some of my blood??? That really hurts ;)

Betty 'Rie said...

Hey--my blood is as good as any complete strangers' blood!