Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When did we become mommies?

I'm still scanning a ton and I spent a few minutes on the phone with my best friend Steph today and found her in great need of a smile...

It's strange to me to look back on all the photos and watch the progression. Steph and I met a long time ago and while I know now that we will always be close there was a time when I guess I just figured it would fizzle as most friendships do.

One of those times was when I had my first baby, Sam. Steph was single which still blows my mind because I would have pegged her to be married WAY before I was. More beautiful..More interesting...REALLY way more intelligent...more loyal-It makes sense now that she was merely waiting for Gary to improve and become the perfect man for her!

The unexpected thing was that when Sam came along...he was like "our" baby. Matt was schooling full-time and working full-time and so that left me at home trying to survive new motherhood with whomever would take pity on me. Steph would watch Sam...keep me from giving in to every fear...love on him and was really like another mom.

I missed her desperately when she moved away. (Although I will not forget Betty who was pushing her way into position as surrogate all along and also loved Samuel as her own.) I look back on those days with much trepidation but also with great fondness. Sam really knit our hearts together and I know we are much closer because of it.

Here are some of my favorite pics of Steph and then of she and Sam. Remember girlfriend, that while there is death to concern and grieve us...there is the greater joy of "life". You can't have one without the other so you must come to accept them both. I do not say that tritely..You know I've walked that road myself.

While you decide how to do that...I'll keep trying to make you remember and smile.

Life has been so good for us.

Spring Formal 1992

This is a classic look that I used to get from Steph..Maybe she could explain what it means?!

One of a BILLION self-portraits!

This was on our Senior Trip and Steph is uncharacteristically snuggling up with me because she ditched me the night before for a guy and is taking pity on me! For those that know me well....you recognize that that is my "fake smile" that says, "I am smiling so I don't look stupid but I will never forget what you've done and will blog about it 15 years from now just to get even!"

Our Angel Baby

The first meeting...Hello, Aunt Stephanie!

Matt pretending to feed Steph while he was feeding Sam. Matt and Steph have always gotten along well and I'm grateful for that.


Steph said...

I'm smiling through tears. Thanks for such a sweet post. I do love that Sam man. Kiss his still adorable cheeks for me (and then spread some sugar to Jo Jo) I guess you should be glad that Sam got "taken" from me in the move...I'm sure I would've corrupted the boy with terrible habits that I am now forced to teach my own two boys! I can remember nights after work when I came to your house in Watertown and told you to take my car and get out for awhile. It seemed like I was being kind to you but really I just wanted to steal some time with that adorable baby boy! Do you remember when he said "Bird" in the dining room at Watertown!?! I said he was brilliant (the scoffers said it was just a noise that sounded like bird... His Aunt Steph recognized greatness early on)
And thanks for the (not true) sweet things you said. Let's face it - I had to grow up before I could settle in with my Hunka burnin love! (Tee hee - he would roll his eyes at that one)
Oh and that Senior Trip pic...
Maybe when you finally get "Old Timers" I'll be able to live that one down! :)
Love ya!

Charity said...

I love that picture of you holding Sam for the first time..Isn't his face perfect?

Oh My Gosh..I love babies so much...I could totally eat his face off!

Sandy said...

Soo sweet! I remember being blown away that one of us now had a baby! (now that we all do, I am still occasionally thinking that a "real" grown up adult is going to come and claim them!)

Steph said...

Can we get a grown up adult to come and claim them? Seriously, cause I could go for a day of being a college girl again (without the drama, of course) But a day of chillin', sleeping in, reading, etc...hmmmm...
Speaking of sweet baby moments - did you see the finale of Tori and Dean? The end was really sweet.

Charity said...

Saw it...loved it...you and I are SO going to stay in that B&B one day!

I will say that Anne yelled at me for watching that because apparently they came together while Dean was still married?

Are you trying to get me in trouble???

Steph said...

I had no knowledge that Dean was a cheat...stinkin' Dean! Just for that I won't be watching any of those reruns!