Friday, May 04, 2007

Pick or Protect


Does anyone know what this plant is?

I've recently put in an herb garden on the side of my house and these started to pop up before planting. My mom-in-law thought it might be cucumbers but I can't tell. The leaf is furry and has a definite smell. While it's nice to have something starting to grow...I'd kind of like to pull it if it's just a weed??

This is my first attempt at an herb garden. I have a great big vegetable one in the back yard but the anticipation for the first chive or bit of cilantro is killing me! I've spent countless hours outside this week preparing for it and I have to say...gardening is in my blood. I'm the most happy when I'm in the dirt!

Thanks, Dad!

(This is my new hat that I LOVE so much. It's brown and pink so it suits me fine! I must give a shout out to my friend, San, for facing a torrential downpour just so I could buy it! I am mocked severely for wearing it but I don't care.)


Steph said...

Cute hat - I'll have to take a pic of my superman hat to show you what I wear around here.

San was here when we read it and she got a kick out of it (Plus she agreed with you that in the pic of the two of you below, you both look like funky bugs)

Sandy said...

I almost stopped checking your blog for new posts! Take good care of that hat!

mother-in-law said...

Now that the leaves are bigger they don't look like cucumbers at all and especially if they are furry.....definitely not cucumber!

Charity said...

So Mom...should I pull it now?

Just a weed?