Friday, May 18, 2007

To Be Or Not To Be...

...that is the question of the month.

A few weeks ago I went to the dentist. It had been about 6 years and so I was anticipating the worse.

But, not really.

You see...they did find one teensy cavity but more importantly after the x-rays they found that my molars had made a home in my sinus cavity. That's not so good. Apparently teeth and sinuses don't blend well.

That would explain the intense face and sinus pain that I've had everyday for the past few years.

Maybe one should go to the doctor more regularly? Hmmm...

So, that lead to the specialist which led to the cat scan which went hand in hand with the diagnosis not too unfamiliar...

Surgery Needed.

I had seen an ENT last year who hated the sight of my tonsils and wanted to take them out but my insurance was rotten so I declined.

Now, along with this sinus fiasco, I have a second opinion...

Tonsilectomy...addnoidectomy...and sinus reconstruction.

A two hour surgery with an expected 10 day recovery. It really "smarts", explained my doctor. The first three days they keep you asleep with high pain killers to prohibit the increase in blood pressure in response to the pain. It's too easy to "bleed out".

yeah. Terrifying.

I thought it was a go last week but I found that there may be some issue with my insurance coverage. Apparently there is the whole pre-existing issue and I am not allowed to have been without coverage for more than 63 days.

Latest lapse was 62 days.


Then I needed to find out what my portion of the surgery would be. I don't have a savings account for operations so I thought it might be good to know what the bill will be...

The grand total: (drum roll)

Yeah. even more terrifying.

I was dialing the surgery scheduler to cancel when Sandy reminding me that I have a maximum out of pocket so it will be bad but not 20% of $64,000.00.

Which does make $3,000.00 suddenly seem alot less. God does have a way of adjusting the shock for me. This recently happened with our septic replacement. It's like He knows how to work with my brain! Weird.

So...while I would like to avoid the whole thing and find a way to get out of it (frugal and wimpy...I'll admit it), my husband is forcing me to do it. He is also forcing me to believe that God will provide that money and keep me alive! seems like I go under May 30th.

I'm totally looking for feedback. You can freely give your opinion without fear of ridicule about whether I should do this or not! I'm still on the fence (even if Matt is trying to pull me off!)

Hey...I'm still me! Deal with it! :)


night-rider said...

Operations! Teeth! Needles! and a crisis of faith? I reckon there's nothing else for it but for Matt to mind the boys for the rest of the month and you to take a nice long holiday at a spa resort with a whole bagful of good books! :)

Charity said...

Exactly, Kay! :)

I'll let Matt know your opnion!